Type To Learn 4 Tricks

TTL4 Manual (7.3 MB Download)

Type To Learn 4 became extremely buggy in October 2011. This wiki documents solutions to common problems Jason McDonald encountered.

Q: My mouse has stopped working.

A: this is often a temporary problem switch computers with someone else. Wait 34-48 hours and the problem should resolve. If you need access, create a dedicated user account for TTL4.

Q: I cannot pass the level I'm on.

A: sometimes TTL4 gets stuck. To resolve this, switch with another person, or create a new account on your computer. The teacher can also lower the expectations. TTL sometimes places insurmountable requirements on students - as high as 60 wpm and 100% accuracy. In Management, lower the expectations back down to 35/90% for each affected student. You can also adjust the expectations for classes as a whole.

Q: TTL4 isn't showing my latest progress.

A: This issue was never resolved. Students affeceted by this should either take a screen cap (Cmd-Shift-3) or have a pencil ready to write down their scores. They can then transfer the information into Excel.

Q: My computer was reimaged and I can't log into TTL4.

A: Most students in the 2019 cohort were set up with their first and last initials as their password. For instance, Abby Flamm's user name is "abflamm" and her password is "af".

Q: My computer was reimaged and I need the account code.

A: The account code is 116881.This account code has been shared with parents in the past.

Q: I need to download the TTL4 software.


The downloads are 1.2 GB. Parents often do not check to see if the download has completed.You must complete the download before installing.

Q: As a teacher, I need to print out class reports. How do I do that?

A: You can't, easily. There are four reports in TTL4 in student reports:
A STATUS report, which give the current lesson, WPM and accuracy.
A DETAILED report, which gives all the practice the student has finished, but NOT the assessments.
An ASSESSMENT report, which gives all the assessments the student has completed, but NOT the completed practice.
A NARRATIVE report, which lists the lesson, current WPM, current accuracy, and when assessments were FIRST taken. Do NOT contain up-to-date info.

Q: How do I add students to TTL4?

A: Follow this simple procedure:
1.) Click on Management.

2.) Wait for TTL4 to read the database. This can sometimes take a long time depending on your Internet speed and TTL4's database server speed.

3.)Click on your teacher name and then new class.

4.)Input the year. Currently at Packer TTL4 is set up by graduation year, so that may be a good way to keep track.

5.) Select the class you want to add students to in the left-hand window. Click on the students' name and then "Add To Class".

6.)Click on save changes.